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About Demo Center

Estonia has found recognition as an IT-capable country and many technological services have been developed here, but the introduction and sale of these solutions in Estonia and abroad have been stunted until now. The ICT Demo Center will showcase the solutions intended for the public and the private sector and will show them functioning together.

The Estonian ICT sector has been fragmented until now; by co-operating, companies could offer innovative solutions for both domestic consumers and for those outside Estonia. The Demo Center is intended not so much for demonstrating individual products of enterprises, but more for offering the integration-provided synergy and wholesome solutions.

The goal of the Center is to introduce information and communication technology solutions, to show examples of their usage possibilities in both private and public sector, and to shape the reputation of Estonia as an innovative and technologically developed country.

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Every visitor has at least one new idea when leaving:

• How to improve own organisation with the presented IT solutions;
• How to create innovative IT services on the basis of the presented solutions.

Goals of the Demo Center

• To introduce the Estonian ICT solutions and to encourage their implementation in Estonia and in the international market;
• To showcase the integration of various e-State solutions with each other and their compatibility with other IT solutions;
• Establishing an environment for integrating and testing various IT solutions;
• Creating products out of the e-solutions and conducting joint marketing activities.

Activity principles of the Center

• Openness: The Center is open to all companies developing IT solutions and acknowledging the activity principles of the Center;
• Integration: All participants are willing integrate their solutions with solutions of other participants;
• Joint use: All members of the Center have pass-card access to the premises of the Center during its open hours;
• Joint contribution: All members of the Center participate in covering the operating costs of the Center and the costs related to presenting and interfacing their solutions with other solutions in the Demo Center.

Demo Center consists:

Real company with different workplaces (salesman, accountant, CEO, CFO, production manager etc).

Home environment where You can see existing ICT solutions for households.

Environment to demonstrate remonte solutions and communication possibilities.

Place to show e-government solutions.

School environment -how to use IT in teaching process.

Place to show ICT technological solutions for CIO’s and specialists.

Demo Center is a part of global networks

• Microsoft Innovation Center
• Authorized Sun Solution Centers (ASSC)

Benefits for the members of the Center

• A presentable environment for introducing their solutions to clients and business partners;
• An existing rich infrastructure for testing and integration of their solutions;
• The Center is an excellent place for promoting co-operation and joint activities of the members;
• Via joint marketing it is possible to expand the client base and to increase the company’s visibility and attractiveness.

Benefits for the state

• The Center is an excellent and concentrated environment for introducing the Estonian e-State and other IT solutions to state institutions, local governments and also foreign visitors and delegations.
• It is an ideal environment for testing new e-State solutions and to integrate these with existing information systems.
• The Center facilitates the increasing of the export capability of the country via co-operation of IT companies and via increased innovativeness.

Benefits for the companies

• A possibility to review the existing IT solutions, to see them function in a real environment and to learn to use them.
• It’s a communication environment for entering their needs and wishes, to look for suitable solutions and to find development partners.
• It’s a test environment for developing and testing new solutions and for user training.

Benefits for educational and research institutions

• A possibility to see new technologies and ICT solutions and to review the development directions resulting from the needs of the real market.
• An excellent environment for a co-operation between researchers and innovative enterprises.
• Involving university students into testing and integrating new solutions and into implementing real development projects.
• The experiences acquired in the course of activities of the Center allow for improving study programmes; also, real field training can be offered fro students.