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The Demo Centre is going to the EXPO 2010 trade fair

The Demo Centre will present the IT solutions developed in Estonia in the EXPO 2010 world trade fair in Shanghai, China.

On November 13 Hua Junduo, the Chief Commissioner of EXPO 2010 and Toomas Tiivel, Ambassador of the Chief Commissioner of Estonian EXPO, signed an agreement in Shanghai, China; with this agreement, Estonia confirmed its participation at EXPO and a 1,000 square metre pavilion was assigned for Estonia.

According to Chief Commissioner Tiivel, it is planned to announce an exposition and architecture competition in the coming months; the best solutions will be selected in spring 2009 and construction works will start in summer 2009.
One of the criteria for the EXPO 2010 competition is integrating the solutions of the ICT Demo Centre into the exposition, with the goal of showcasing seamless combination possibilities of information and communication technology solutions in different fields of life.

The subject of the EXPO trade fair taking place from May 1 to October 31, 2010 is “Better city, better life”. There is a 5.28 square kilometre area in the vicinity of Huangpu river allocated for the world trade fair in Shanghai. 183 countries and 45 international organisations will participate in the trade fair; nearly 70 million visitors are expected.


The goals of Estonia at EXPO are general introduction of the country and also advertising Estonia as a travel destination. In addition to this, enlivening the economic relations is an important goal: at EXPO, Estonian enterprises have the best opportunity for making contacts in the quickly developing Asia. The neighbours of Estonia at EXPO are the Nordic Countries – Sweden, Finland, Island, Norway and Denmark.

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