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Useful Links

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Hello and welcome to Demo Estonia! We are a brand that aims to provide our audiences with a stronger understanding of technological services as a whole. The realm of technology and the ways that they are utilized are on a constant wave of change. Therefore, it is always important to make sure that you knowledge is always on point.

As such, it is often important to have reliable resources that you can check up on. We’ve found a few really reliable tech sources in the past years. In case you’re looking for resources that you can rely upon, try making use of these sites:

BBC News Technology

The BBC is one of the more reliable news sites that are pretty current and up to date about newer technological advancements and news reports. What we particularly like about this site is that they cover a wide range of technology news which also verge on the scientific.

They often have lengthy discussions about the leaders of the technological revolution and have well-thought out analysis that can really help build better opinions.

The Verge Tech

The Verge gives a lot of reviews about the best sort of hardware, software, and other mobile applications that can really come in handy for technological solutions for every day things. Technological services are always changing to suit the tech that we have today. In order to better understand them, it is important to be abreast of latest developments.

Do you have any resources that you check in on from time to time? Share it with us!